• Belaya Sila

    Belaya Sila gives the belief that there are places where you can really demonstrate masculine qualities and feel like a leader with unquestioned authority and an iron will, immerses into the world of wild and majestic nature, where there is no place of weakness and only the strong survive.

  • Posolskaya

    Since the Soviet times "Posolskaya" is considered as a luxury vodka, it embodies loyalty to traditions and high status inherent to public position of ambassador.

  • Staraya Moskva

    Vodka "Staraya Moskva" represents the best traditions of old Moscow way of life handed down to us through the ages. This vodka is storing a truly metropolitan spirit and quality.

  • Zimnaya Doroqa

    Vodka "Zimnaya Doroqa" is the embodiment of the image of a snow-covered road in the end of which there is comfort and warmth of the hearth, home-made food, the joy of meeting and warmth of the loved ones.


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